BDSM fiction Tessa the Wardress

BDSM fiction Tessa the Wardress

This is a short preview of the novel Tessa The Wardress by Ivana de la Costa.

The story is about an activist who goes to the country behind the Iron Curtain to pick up a mysterious manuscript that should help to uncover the truth about human rights violation in that country. She arrives to the city that is recovering after the civil war and meets the author of the manuscript who works at the female concentration camp as a wardress.

Twelve naked women, all gas masked and handcuffed, were squeezed into the medium size cage at the Punishment Zone so tightly, that when the wardress opened the cage, the nearest one fell out and dipped into one of paddles that were rapidly growing around as rain intensified.

The wardress locked the cage and clubbed the inmate with a rubber truncheon.

“On your knees, bitch!”

The prisoner, probably 25-30 years old chubby girl, obeyed, awkwardly kneeled up and stood at attention. I couldn’t see her face through wet gas mask eye windows and I didn’t need to. These caged prisongirls from the red barrack were sentenced to two hours of strappado punishment and fifty strokes with the flogger each. All twelve of them will go through this penalty, one after another.

I flicked the prisongirl on her gas mask with my riding crop and addressed the wardress.

“Take this one, suspend her on the pole and begin whipping.”

“Yes, Pani Sergeantess!” My assistant saluted me and poked the girl with a baton.

“Thank you, Pani Sergeantess!” Echoed the prisongirl.

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